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To Take a Drawing Class, or Not to Take a Drawing Class? That is the question.

Updated: May 12, 2021

Wayyyyyyy back in the early 90's, I took a series of drawing classes, basic to advanced including figure drawing, at the College of Lake County. I really wanted to improve the skills I already had. These were not easy classes by any means. There was contour line drawings, perspective, patterns, textures, composition, value, foreshortening, charcoal, pen and ink, pencil and more.

I always have my students say, "I don't know how to draw." Followed by a cringe. And, I always reply, "Go take a class, watch YouTube tutorials or hop on Skill Share." Don't be afraid that you aren't good enough. You are, and, you are going to love your art so much more.

I used to build houses with my family. Every good house needs a good foundation, right? Drawing is the foundation upon which your work is built. And there are so many more ways to learn these days. Put a sketchbook in your bag with a couple of pencils and forget the eraser! Draw anything and everything you see. It doesn't matter what it is.

A note about seeing. If you asked me, "Hey, Julie, what did you learn in your drawing classes?" I would answer, "I learned to SEE!!". Angles, shadows, lengths, curves, expressions. It was a whole new world!

So, of you want to love your work more.... go learn to draw and then practice a little (or lots) each day.

See, you are thinking about it, aren't you?




Ps. The drawing attached is my final from my basic drawing class. Circa 1994. I have 89 hours in it and I received a B÷.

I was a little disappointed. I kept drawing.

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