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EXCITING NEWS with a side order of Encouragement

I am happy to tell you all that the artwork I submitted for the Palisade Colorado Peach Festival 2024 Poster contest  is one of the three finalists.  I AM SO EXCITED. Chris and I are so happy to be part of the town of Palisade.  What isn’t to love, after all?  Art, Mountains, Wine, Farms, Farmers, the Colorado River, and the Nicest people. It is a small town and we are in love with it!

I am shamelessly asking you to stop in the Blue Pig Gallery, downtown Palisade and Vote for my Peach Farmer and his Orchard Assistants.  Voting must be done in person and ends March 12th, and the Gallery is open Tuesday – Sunday, closed Monday.  Please tell your friends!! I am pretty new to the Palisade art scene so I need all the support I can get!!

What an honor it would be for my work to be a real part of what Palisade is all about – Community and the Celebration of the gifts this town has.  #1 is Peaches!!  Hooray!  (Have I mentioned how excited I am?)  This is on my vision board this year! Next is wine label art. 

I was thinking about how grateful I am to be able to:

1. Paint

2. Have a house in Palisade

3. To have my work at the Iconic Blue Pig Gallery downtown Palisade

4. Have a Mom that encourages and has always encouraged my art practice… even if I am messy

5. Have a husband that tirelessly supports even my outlandish ideas and doesn't really mind that there is paint on everything.  * Sorry Chris, I love you.

6. That I have the nerve to put myself and my art out into the world

This is where the encouragement piece of this blog post comes in….

Let’s face it, showing our work is HARD! IT DOESN’T MATTER!!! DO IT ANYWAY. Open yourself up and share you work… which is, in my opinion, the same as sharing your heart.  Yes, not everyone will like it. Some might really not like it.  BUT, if you are painting with your heart (there is that word again) you will find Your People.  Those people will find you and love your work and you… all because you Tried it.  You jumped off the edge and tried it.

I teach art.  I am constantly encouraging my students to show their work.  Enter shows, post on social, put up a table at a community art show.  Any step is a step forward.  Any step is a step towards adding experience, love, support and learning to your life.  And to you as an Artist.  We need people.  I don’t care what you think… we NEED people in our lives and in our World.  We are pack animals (even our favorite introverts). 

To wrap up… JUST DO IT! (Thanks, Nike, for the exact right words for today… and tomorrow.  Ok, for the rest of our lives.)

I believe in you and your ART,




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