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How to choose the perfect Wedding Officiant

You are planning your wedding! It is an exciting time, filled with important decisions.  You have a vision for your ceremony and you want it to be perfect.  One of the first choices to be made is an Officiant.  How do you decide on the perfect person to preside over the most important day of your life?  I have a few ideas.

Make a list of how you want your ceremony to feel.  Are you casual or formal?  Would you like your ceremony to be short and sweet or a bit longer?  Are you traditional or contemporary?   Now you are ready to do some research.  Read couples reviews and pay close attention to words use to describe the Officiants you are considering.  You will be able to tell, right away, if an Officiant feels right.  After you find a few that sound like they would be a good fit, reach out and set up a short phone call.  It is very important to talk, to get a good idea of their history, personality and approach to their ceremonies.  Are they flexible and will they craft your ceremony to fit your vision for your day?  If you need guidance, are they willing to offer their expertise? Ask questions and just talk.  That first conversation is like a first date.  You three must feel a connection. 

The most important thing to consider when making your final decision is how comfortable an Officiant makes you feel. Your Officiant has a big responsibility.  They will lead you into your future, into your marriage.  Be sure the person you choose to officiate your wedding matches your personality, is professional and will make your day everything you have ever dreamed of.

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