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The Top 5 bits of Wisdom from this 59 year old Woman

"Wisdom" Wow... that is a word that carries lots of gravity. I am not sure if I consider myself wise or not, but I do have some "stuff" under my belt. Some I would like to share and, well... you know.

My talented, smart, kind, funny, beautiful (I could go on and on) Goddaughter and friend, Jamie, turned 30 a couple days ago. Her 30th birthday came quicker than I thought it would.

Shocking really. Time Flies. I have talked about that in my blog, but Wow.

**side note: follow Jamie on Instagram @jamiedykstacreates . She has lots to offer.

  1. Your life won't change unless you change your life. This wisdom comes from an old friend of mine Kenny. (follow Kenny on X @kennywallace, he is a nutty amazing guy who does super cool stuff and loves to share it with the world). Life is a scary game, it is also the only game in town. Do that thing you love. If you have to do while you do something you Need to do, to make it....THAT IS OK. You will get there. But, you never will until you START. You are going to be 30, 40, 60, 80 and more anyway, you may as well be doing what you love. Think about that. Will you celebrate your next birthday in the same spot, hoping for something? Or, will you be walking confidently in the direction of your dreams? Small steps are still steps. And, if you can and want to take a flying leap, more power to you. Both are progress.

  2. Trust your gut. Train yourself to sit quietly and ask yourself questions. You know the answers. Believe me here. You may not like the answer! Sorry. Ask an honest question and be willing to accept an honest answer and act accordingly. YOU are a spiritual creature, trust your gut.

  3. Things aren't always as they seem. May I have an "alleluia" people? It is OK. The world isn't always fair, people aren't always honest, there are always going to be bullies, creeps, grumps and liars. It is part of life. Learn the lesson and go forward. You have control over one thing; YOU. Show up as the best You you can be. That is what you can do and with that effort you can change the world.

  4. Comparison is the Thief of Joy. Hey, this is a mouthful. As an Artist, this is a hard one. "Is my work as good as theirs?" "Do I have what it takes to teach this class?" "Will I ever have the success she does?" Yep, all questions that I ask myself on the daily. As my Wise Mom used to say, "Tend to your own knitten'". Do what you do, love who you love, Be who you are. Run your race.

  5. Love Yourself and Love Each other. Yes, I said it. I consider myself to have a "hippie" heart. I wasn't raised to be a hippie, quite the opposite. It didn't work out. I am good with that. I get teased about loving everyone, having 100 best friends, always saying "but...." when the subject goes negative (Hey, I am a Libra). I am also good with that. Want to know why? Because I am ME and I lead my life with love and a side of acceptance. I look for the best in people and encourage you to do the same. I have no idea what is going on in anyone's "real" life but mine. Think before judge. Pause before you speak. Be willing to offer help and, when you need help, welcome it with an open heart. This is how the world works.... it is a sacred exchange of giving and receiving. Trust the way of the world. Go with it. note: This is a work in progress, no one is perfect. Keep trying.

Thanks for reading this. I really felt the need to share it. Maybe it is because I want every 30 year old to hear it. Maybe it is because this 59 year old needed to hear it from herself, as she read it back. At the end, these are just things I learned the hard way and, like every Godmom, Mom, Mentor, Aunt or Elder we want to save these dear ones the anguish of life by just telling them the things we have learned. I know it doesn't work that way. We all learn the hard way. And that is ok.

I love you all. Until next time, Merry Christmas,



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