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What If??

What if?  As artists we ask ourselves this question about..... 1000 times per piece. What if I used red here instead of blue? What if I made the handle on this cup a different shape?  You get the idea.

When I started painting with Watercolor, my first "What if?" was color choice.  A purple Gorilla? Why not? I went for it.  Actually the first person I ever painted was Jerry Garcia.  Who doesn't love Jerry Garcia, right?  Well the photo I worked from was black and white.  That opened up endless possibilities for color.  No pre conceived ideas about skin tone...blah blah blah.  It was magic.

Then this idea of unconventional color choices grew. What if that moose isn't really brownish.... what if that moose is green, red and yellow ochre?  Yessssssssss!!!!  What if, that cow sees herself as blue, opera pink and lime green? She would be a must happier cow, right? I think so.  I was on my way to finding my style.

Now... next step. Staying true to my style.  Let me tell you, that was tougher than finding my style.  I mean, as it has to do with commission work. 

Client, "I would

love you to paint my dog, but I would like you paint paint him in "realistic colors".  Me, "Well, okkkkkkkk."  Ugh. So I find myself sitting with this pup (pictures, of course) and this guy is speaking  to me saying, "I am purple and green.  Handsome, huh?"

Again, Ugh.  Because I see this guy as purple and green too. But... remember my Client, his Mom isn't on the same page as we are. This is a conundrum.  Yes, yes, I painted him in "realistic colors" because thst is what I was hired to do.  I am a business woman, afterall.  I felt like I let him down and me. Lesson learned.

That was then. This is now.  Now, I am unapologetic about my style and the what ifs?.

I am still  a business woman, but am upfront about my way of painting.  It is obvious, after all, when looking at my website and social pages, what my stuff looks like.  I can check that off my artist journey list.  I am who I am, afterall.

Back to my question... what if? I think you should go for it.  If the question pops into your mind, TRY IT. JUST TRY IT.  What is the worst thst could happen? You trash a piece of paper or have to re-wedge your clay?  So what!  You will never know how cool it could be if you don't try.  NEVER.  Isn't that sad to think about?  Embrace the What If" and make awesome stuff.

As Winnie the Pooh said, "You Are braver than you think."

Talk soon,



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