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Do you know where your art practice is headed?

No Direction? Ditch the map and start a series!!

We have all been there right? "Ughhhhh, what do I paint now?" If you are feeling unmotivated or like you don't have a clear path in your painting practice, I completely understand. I have felt like I am just painting random "things", A dog here an herb there.... it can derail your process and progress.

My suggestion? I am so happy you aske!! Start a series! I know you might be saying, "But I am just a beginner!" No matter, choose something simple. Start out with fruit. Fruit is my all time favorite beginner subject. They require you to practice shape, shadow, texture and scale. Not to mention beautiful color. I mean, who doesn't love the color on a "Cutie"? Oh that gorgeous orange. Or a banana.... those bruises are fabulous.

If you are a little more advanced in your practice, how about trees or animals, reflective surfaces or transparent glass vessels. The possibilities are endless. Start out with a commitment to paint a set of 3. Then, if you love your chosen subject, increase it to a series of six. Or, how about a series of large paintings (whatever that means to you). If you normally paint 5"x7", bump it up to 11"x14" Super Exciting. I did a series of Endangered Species (search the #endangerspeciesseries on IG)

You will, no doubt, supercharge your practice when you set a goal for your work.

Don't forget to share your series on social media and PLEASE tag me! I can't wait to see what you are doing.

Now get into your studio and start making!



ps. This elephant is part of my endangered species series

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