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Children's Book Illustrations!! What??? Yes!!

Updated: May 11, 2021

Lot's of excitement amid all the chaos of 2020 for this artist. We moved to Washington for 100 days and then back to Vail, Colorado. It was a rough spot, but necessary in our journey. I am forever thankful for it and we gained a couple really good lifetime friends. For that alone, it was all worth it. Super thankful.

I also illustrated a wonderful children's book called," Who's That I Hear?", Author DJ Hill. You can check in out on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or anywhere books are sold. It is a wonderful story about a little boy being scared, having the guts to look for the scary thing and realizing there was nothing scary at all. I hope you check it out and share it with all the little ones in your lives. We also put up a children's website; , also my artwork. It has tons of wonderful content. Be sure to print off the coloring book page and tags us on social. @julieaadriansenart IG and FB. Fun stuff.

All this has sparked me to finally work on my book based on the life of our adopted pup Rocker. His journey, life, friends and where he ended up... with us, here in beautiful Colorado. He runs thru deep snow, sleeps in the big bed and goes to work with his Dad (my husband Chris) unless he is filling the roll of studio assistant with me. He is a lucky pup and his story is about going from being a stray in Houston to living his best life here, with us. We are the lucky ones, to be honest.

Lots more coming, so please check back.


Julie and Rocker the Rescue Dog ;)

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