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A tribute to your best friend

I am a dog lover. I would say I am a lover of all animals, but dogs have a special place in my life story. You may say the same about your story, or at least, know someone who would.

A big part of my art business is pet portraits. I have done tens of them. Some for pets that have passed on and some for our best friends that are still with us. Dogs, cats, horses, no matter what, we love our pets. Each one of these cherished beasts is special and they all lend themselves to a unique style of painting. The funny thing is they all have their own individual energy, even though I paint them from photographs. I have found that, if I sit with their image, they will direct me to paint them in the most appropriate way possible. I find myself falling in love with them all in the time I spend with them.

Pet portraits are the heart of my art practice and I am honored to paint each and every one. I am currently taking commissions.

Now go pet your furry friend and be thankful for every moment you spend with them.



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